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Karate 4 Kids unique curriculum will assist parents with reinforcing those values which are important in every child’s education and upbringing. 

About Karate 4 Kids

Your child from an age of 3 and over will learn coordination, self-control and traditional family values such as discipline, respect and focus while having loads of fun in our classes.

Karate 4 Kids unique curriculum will assist parents with reinforcing these values which are important in every child’s education and upbringing. That’s why we are recommended by Children’s Health Professionals.

Your child’s classes are designed to give them an advantage in life by preparing them for school, learning in a group environment, and in life’s challenges that face them in future years.

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We Help Children & Teenagers Develop Vital Life Skills Through Fun! 

Here are a list of benefits the Karate 4 Kids program can provide for your child:


Children of different ages learn at different rates. That’s one reason our classes are so special.


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Here’s what people are saying about Karate 4 Kids classes:

Below are 3 testimonials from happy parents who have seen their child excel while taking our Karate 4 Kids classes!

"Best decision we ever made was sending our son great instructors and great teachings love it"

Megan / Mother

"I would recommend Karate 4 Kids for children of all ages. I have two young children who started last year and the change has been amazing. They both are developing a sense of self confidence and maturity they did not have previously, and the best thing is they love every second of it. The instructors are wonderful and friendly and the classes are always enjoyable for the kids"

Kyle / Father

"Couldn't sing Karate 4 Kids praises any louder. Best decision we made for our son to join after looking at many other places. Instructors are incredible. Worth it and look forward of many years to come with them"

Wendy / Mum

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Seven Smart Tips for ‘Buddies not Bullies’ Become Bully Proof!

By Master Instructor Geoff French


Ignore the Bully!

Listen to the threats, but don’t react. Tell yourself that you don’t have to get back at the bully. That is exactly what they want. Ignore them!


Agree with the Bully!

If the bully calls you names, agree! Let the insults go - Don’t fight back. Again it is what they want you to do.


Be nice to the Bully!

Treat the bully as a friend instead of an enemy. You can turn a threatening situation into a friendly one. This is the power of a good martial artist.


Understand the Bully!

The Bully is just a person like you. But they usually have pain and make themselves feel good by picking on weaker people. Understand this and try to reason with the Bully.


Walk away!

Don’t get into it - just walk away. This takes the wind
out of the bully’s sails.


Refuse to Fight!

The winner of a fight is the one who prevents it. Stick up for yourself but just say — ‘I don’t want to fight! I don’t want any trouble!’


Call for Help!

Call a teacher, a friendly adult, a police officer or any one who can help you stop a fight before it happens!

If you choose to fight, then you have already lost!

By practicing Karate, we see our children develop in the following areas

  • Confidence
  • Energy
  • Respect
  • Strength
  • Co-Ordination
  • Safety
  • Courtesy
  • Manners
  • Self-Control
  • Discipline

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